Initial Planning for my Trip to Japan

Well it seems as thought I am starting to get back into the grove of things. Life is really looking up. I have pretty much decided on the dates that I am going to Japan, not to mention I am planning a trip back home for Christmas prior to Japan. In preparation for my trip to Japan I am taking Japanese again. I took Japanese classes a few years back which completely changed my life, but that is a long story that I will start writing soon. Actually my interest in Japan and the Japanese language pretty much woke me up to a lot of things and I am grateful for that. It is interesting four years ago I was in a very similar position, so looking back it is amazing to see how much I have changed.

On top of learning Japanese I been reaching out to people in Japan to help them practice English. This is one thing that I really enjoy doing and I have made some great friends in the past, so I am hoping I will make some new friends this time. 


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