What is the definition of helping others?

These past few days have been pretty good to me. Today I got the chance to do what I love doing, which is to help others. I feel very blessed that over the past few years I really am beginning to understand what I love doing and ways that I can do it. For me it comes down to four things that I really enjoy doing – helping people, teaching English as a second language, writing and traveling. 

The last three in that list I have down. I have found opportunities to do all of that. Teaching English I do online and that has given me a chance to have some amazing experiences, not to mention meet some great people. I hope to continue to do more of it. Writing, well I am blogging again. Travel – there is going home for Christmas, possibly going to the mountains in January and Japan in April and/or May. I always can find an excuse to travel. Plus all the travel experiences I have lend to more material to write about. 🙂

The first item in my list of things I enjoy doing, helping people, is a tough one. I realize that daily through my job or even by teaching English I am helping people, but I am not sure if that is exactly what I have in mind by helping others. Maybe I am over-thinking my definition of helping others or maybe it comes down to it is in my nature to help and I never feel like I can help enough or do enough.

What is your definition of helping others?


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