Me Time

Living my life seems to be my number one priority lately. What I mean by that is I am living for myself and not for anyone else. I have had a few good “a-ha” moments lately. One of the biggest realizations is that I have no desire to use my time for things that I do not enjoy. Over the last year and a half I have given much of my time to making others happy or sticking to their schedule. I am aware I did that to myself by not setting boundaries. It finally caught up with me this week and I am exhausted. 

I now am going to follow my intuition when it comes to what I want do. If I get the feeling or hunch that I don’t want to do something or something isn’t right about the situation, I am not going to put myself in the situation because time is important and what I feel is important. I am enjoying the time I am spending by myself. I am making decisions that I want to make because I want to make them and they feel right. 

It is nice to hear people tell me that I seem to be more myself now than I was even two months ago. All this me time and focusing on what I need is really paying off. I finally feel as though I am on the right path with my life. I am not over-analyzing, I am living for me, which was much easier than I would have thought.


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