Thank Goodness for Coffee Shops

I think the title says it all. Today coffee shops top my list of things to be grateful for in life. It isn’t just because they cater to my intense caffeine addiction. They are also a great place to focus on things that I want to get done in the virtual world.

I have always been one of those people who likes to have the television or radio on while I study. It is mainly because background noise helps me focus more. Coffee shops are great for this. Plus it is a way to get out without having to socialize with anyone, but still be around people.

It is nice, plus you can people watch. I mean who doesn’t like to people watch. It is interesting to see different people but they are having similar conversations. For example, at the table next to me last week there was a couple talking to their real estate agent about buying their first home. Today there is a couple talking to their real estate agent about house hunting. I love the world. 🙂

So today I am thankful for coffee shops. 🙂



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