It has been a day of interesting observations for me. The main one is as follows.

It is always nice when the day that starts off on the wrong foot then gets lots better. Example – A co-worker sends a cranky email, you send a cranky email back and here is where choice happens. You can either fume about it and be passive aggressive about it, until the relationship wears itself down. Or your other option is to stop and think that this isn’t even about you, the person is normally awesome, but is probably having a bad day. I chose the second option, sent an email trying to help more where I could. Through a few emails back and forth we found out we both were having a bad day and realized we both were a bit out of line.

It seems minor, but it is a big thing for me. Previously I would have let it go without trying to resolve the issue, but why let a day get ruined because of a misunderstanding.


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