Being grateful for my body

A topic on my mind lately that I have been wanting to write about is my body. Sometimes I think I take it for granted and then when in it is in pain in makes me stop to think just how lucky I am. My body has been through lots of turmoil in my life and it is the only one that I have so it is important to take care of it.

It really hit me on Saturday about how thankful I am that I have the body that I do. I actually like it lots especially when I take the time to exercise it and get it into shape. There is something about knowing that it is capable of things I never thought possible that makes me feel very good about myself. For the first time I can comfortably say that I love my body and that is why I am doing what I can to make it last longer. I am not doing this for anybody but myself. I am not doing it so I can impress others or be a smaller size. I am doing what I am doing for my health and to satisfy my goals, as well as to push myself past my limits.


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