It is amazing how many people where I live are shocked when it actually snows or suddenly forget how to drive in the Winter. Surprise everyone, yes it is mid-November and yes we get snow at this time. Enough of that rant, there are lots of nice things about Winter that make me happy to see the snow.

One thing is sunny days, there is nothing like seeing the light reflecting off the snow. It is beautiful. Not to mention freshly fallen snow is so white, pure and sparkly (I love sparkles). The best is when ice gathers on trees and the sunlight falls on the ice, so fabulous. How could one not stop to enjoy the beauty of that moment. 

Then next best thing about Winter and the snow is staying indoors. There is nothing like curling up with a good book, watching TV  or spending quality time with your computer when it is cold outside. Not getting out of your pyjamas and then making coffee or hot chocolate, how divine is that. Not to mention the little furnaces that some have in their house (otherwise known as cats), who are available to keep you toasty as well. Blankets, robes and slippers – these are all the happy things that come with the Winter. I can’t leave out flannel sheets and down duvets. (Maybe I just really like being comfy, or sleep)

While I don’t drive when the roads are covered with snow and I don’t go out much, I am still happy because I am warm, comfy and blessed because some people aren’t as fortunate this time of the year to have warmth or comfort


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