This One’s for You (Part 1) – Importance of Positive Self Talk

In an effort to use social media in a productive way (at least for me), I posted a question to my friends about topics they would like me to write about. I received some great suggestions. I will kick it off with this post.

It is always nice to know there are parts of you that other people value.  When people give you those compliements do you really believe it? Sometimes is seems as though we may not be able to accept this complements for various reasons – maybe we don’t want to seem vain, maybe we think the other people just want something from us or maybe we just aren’t used to hearing positive talk directed at us.

Perhaps one of the ways we can become more open to accepting the positive aspects of within is to start having some serious conversations (or maybe not so serious) with ourselves. I think everyone can find at least one quality they like about themselves, sometimes this may take a little digging or reflecting but I think it can be done. It doesn’t have to be something earth shattering, it can be something small starting out. For me it started out by telling myself I was a good listener and it grew from there into other things that I really liked about myself.

I think one of the hardest parts about this, is when there is something you really like about yourself is put into question by someone else. For example, you know you are a good listener, but someone says that you aren’t. It is hard not to fall into the trap of over analyzing yourself and possibly questioning yourself. Before beating yourself up, maybe stop and think it may not be you it may be the perception of the person who said it. Sure there may be things you can improve on in the listening department, but that doesn’t change the fact that you know you are a good listener, it may come down to something else such as the communication between yourself and the other person or something you need to work through with them. The thought process here – don’t let someone else’s perception change how you feel about yourself.

Some great ways, in my opinion, to start the practice of positive self talk:

  1. Writing a letter to yourself about things you are really proud of within yourself and reading the letter the next time  you are feeling down or being especially hard on yourself.
  2. Talking to yourself in the mirror. Pointing out the good qualities in yourself as if you were talking to another person.
  3. Write about your accomplishments and things you have achieved.
  4. Don’t be afraid to share your accomplishments with others, if you did something or achieved something that you think is fantastic – share it! It isn’t bragging, you have a right to be proud of the things you do.

Love yourself and start hunting for those positive aspects, I am sure you will find them.


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