The Universe Always has Surprises

It is truly amazing what is possible in the Universe. We go through life meeting people, having relationships and losing people. We spend time walking our path alone or sometimes with others. It seems as though while we are going through the process of living our soul is doing what we are at times not conscious of – it is sending out a beacon to the Universe. It is sending out a signal to another soul whose signal matches.

When then we first meet the person whose soul matches ours, it starts out as some sort of recognition. It is like you have known them your entire life. Conversation comes easy and there is never an awkward moment. Through the process of growing close there comes a moment when you can feel part of their soul connect with yours. Like two puzzle pieces joining together. Sometimes you can feel the exact moment when it happens and sometimes you only have to be thinking of them.

My moment came on a public transit ride. I was crossing the bridge on the train and the river was frozen. Everything looked surreal and beautiful and I thought about the one person who would get exactly what I was feeling. Who would see the beauty in what I saw. I reflected inward and felt a place within me that had a gap. I then thought of him and it felt as though part of him filled that gap at that exact moment. At that moment I found peace, my mind quieted. I felt connected.

I know without question that I will always have someone in my life. Someone who understands me. Not to mention someone who makes me smile and giggle like a school girl every time I am around him. 🙂

I feel blessed and I am thankful to have listened to my soul.


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