Setting limits on what is attainable

The other day I heard the phrase “it is a once in a lifetime opportunity”. I have heard this many times throughout my life. I understand the meaning of the phrase and that sometimes situations come along that may never happen again if we don’t take the chance. Even though I get it, I think it is a phrase that is overused and sometimes can be discouraging. I think this phrase can cause people to give up on what they really want to do or where they really want to go because they think it may be unattainable. I hold this belief to be especially true when it comes to travel.

Saying that visiting a certain location is a once in a lifetime opportunity can mentally put limits on what is actually possible. I understand that travel can be expensive, but if there is a real desire to go some place then it can be achieved. I think this applies to other situations as well. But having the attitude that things are only attainable “once in a lifetime” is really a limiting thought in my book.

Keep in mind that I am looking at travel from my point of view, which is the desire to have cultural experiences and experiences in nature. Perhaps this makes it easier to achieve, who knows.


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