How learning a language can change your life

I have had many experiences over the years that have been life changing that is hard to know where to begin. I thought it would be kind of fun to document the various experiences here. I hope I can actually can make it past documenting one. What can I say, I am easily distracted.

I can actually pinpoint one thing that changed my life and it all began with a song. It was a Japanese singer that really kicked off a chain of events that has lasted five years. It wasn’t the fact that the song was particularly moving or the lyrics profound. It was my determination to learn what the song meant that started the adventure outside of my shell. I began making Japanese friends, they started helping me learn Japanese and I helped them with English. This made me realize that there was so much in the world that was out there to explore. It made me see outside my small little bubble. For the first time I wanted to reach out and there was no hesitation holding me back. I started finding myself. A new path of possibilities was being constructed before my eyes. Learning Japanese influenced me to take a hold of my own life and not to look back. Sure it hasn’t been a smooth ride, there has been pain and tears. There also has been lots of laughter and now lots of real love. It has been the most amazing, scary and fun ride. In a way, taking the leap to learn a new language and about a new culture started my journey to learn how to feel again.


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