Lately I have been trying to determine the origin of my dreams, besides the typical creation of them by my subconscious. The dreams that are on my mind lately are the recurring dreams of the same places. Like my dreams, this post may be a bit disjointed.

I have a few towns in my dreams that are always the same, the same buildings. There is the town with a university in it with strange dorms and classroom buildings. In that town there is also a two story outdoor marketplace that is semi-sheltered. There is lots of red in that marketplace.The other place that always pops up in my dreams is the hotel. It is a strange place easy to get lost in the carpeting is red. Sometimes the hotel will be the older type from the late 1800s or the early 1900s, the other times it is modern. But it is always the same hotel.I also dream about a mall it changes appearances but, as with the hotel, it is always the same mall. I just instinctively know this in my dreams.

The next fun one is the cemetery, now this is extremely creepy because the cemetery is clearly haunted. There are certain areas of it that are dangerous to go to. It is old and this is one of my few dreams that is only in black and white. I am always drawn to this cemetery but I know it is dangerous to go there.

I used to have dreams about temples in thick jungle forests surrounded rivers, those stopped once I found the real location that matched what was in my dreams. I sometimes wonder if these other places exist. When I get more details I will do more research.

The most disturbing dreams are those when I am someone else or I am watching events happen. Two days ago I had a dream in which I was someone else. I was delivering food to a friend and the person that drove me to the location left before I did. I went outside of the building to a dark gravel parking lot and I thought I saw her car out in distance. I started walking towards the car, which was white, and a man wearing a light blue and orange striped shirt started moving towards me. I knew he was going to attack me and I woke myself up before the dream ended. I have lots of dreams where I watch events unfold but am helpless to do anything. It is disturbing.

I also have heartbreaking dreams, in which I am standing in front of a mirror talking to spirits. They are showing me how they have passed on and ask for help. I am not sure what to do with these dreams, I feel like I should be doing more research. Either trying to figure out why I am having them or maybe doing more research on the events they are showing me.

I guess I will see what tonight brings.


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