As part of a series of questions to examine myself a bit more, I am starting off with the following – “What opportunities have I had or missed?”

Upon first reading this question I found it a bit difficult to comprehend, mainly because I don’t have a huge list of missed opportunities.

Every choice I have made in life has led me to this exact moment, which is pretty exciting. The possibilities are endless, if there was even one minor change in my past then this moment would not exist. Think about it, how many decisions made in a matter of minutes or seconds have changed something in your life?

Now for the question. I believe my life has been filled with opportunities. I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people from my future husband to some very close friends. I have been able to hear life stories of people that have been truly amazing. I have had the chance to make friends in different countries and visit those places. I feel truly blessed.

Sure there have been times when I have had to make some really tough decisions, but I got through it. Yes, life was painful at times, but that is life. I have grown from all my experiences, so they have been opportunities. Maybe I am just fortunate or maybe at this exact moment I am not focused on the negative.

Life is full of choices and I am accountable for the choices I make, even when I may have had to do something alone to reach a goal I still have done it. My life is my own and it is what I make of it.


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