A look back on the calmest craziest year of my life

2014 was a change of pace for me. It was crazy and hectic but it was also very calm. My crazy came in my calmness. For years I was used to chaos. I honestly felt as though I did better when things were chaotic. I thought I could handle things fairly well under pressure. Little did I know when things became calm, I would come unglued. I found calmness and security to be scary for me, in fact at times I still do. I searched out chaos because it helped me to feel more in control of my emotions.

The past year also taught me that it is okay to do what I want. I shouldn’t have to feel guilty because I tell someone no. It was a year of learning about my boundaries and stopping people from crossing them. I stopped letting them take my energy. Also, a good case of social anxiety really helped with this as well. 🙂

2014 taught me that it is okay to enjoy the calm and the peacefulness that can be found at home. I have learned that I can be completely happy by just being with the one I love and there is nothing wrong with that. I don’t have to feel guilty about spending time at home and enjoying the energy that is found in my surroundings.

I have walked out of 2014 with the following:

– A husband who is pretty awesome
– A greater knowledge of my boundaries
– A better understanding of what I really enjoy doing
– Peace
– A bit more anxiety (which is just another journey to go on)
– A really kick ass tattoo
– A good picture of who my friends really are and what friendship consists of in my life

Have a wonderful new year of self discovery. Happy 2015!


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