Choose Your Own Adventures

How many people out there read “choose your own adventure” books as a kid? I used to read them lots, for a time they were my favorite books. Mainly I enjoyed these books because there was involvement on my part on how the story would turn out, not to mention the re-read value was great.

As an adult there hasn’t been much of an urge to partake in any “choose your own adventure” type reading, until recently. There are “choose your own adventure” games for the PC. Some are like reading a book on your screen, like Choice of the Deathless. This has a great story with no graphics, but very enjoyable. Others are like a graphic novel where you choose how the main character will respond. The Wolf Among Us falls into this category. The style of this game is beautiful. It is like being part of a graphic novel. There isn’t much in the way of fighting as far as games go, but the story is good and some of your choices can still leave you wondering after the game ends. These games have rekindled my love of “choose your own adventure” stories. I feel like a kid again and in control of the outcome of my story.


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  1. gamesthatiplay
    Jan 13, 2015 @ 23:27:40

    I did. Heck I remember when Nintendo Power had one for Dragon Warrior (Quest). There are a lot of chose your own adventure PC games or ‘interactive fiction.’ Telltale Games makes the best 🙂


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