Sitting back and giving my head a shake

Everybody has their own beliefs and values, though some of those are just impossible for me to comprehend. During my adventures in life the past couple of weeks there have been a few instances where I just had to shake my head.

There was one conversation that included how a person couldn’t comprehend how I made dietary adjustments in my home life due to my husband’s needs. They went on to say that they could never do something like that , as it was a huge sacrifice. I don’t see it that way. To further support their views on relationships as a whole, they believe that it is okay for someone to leave their partner of many years because their partner has a degenerative disease. While it is true that everyone has the right to their own opinion and choices, it really left me with a sick feeling in my stomach. I fundamentally can’t comprehend not being there for the person I love at all times and through whatever life throws at us. People have the right to be happy and I understand this person was expressing what they need in their life to make them happy.

To top off the week of wonderful human insight, there was another person that firmly stated that the next person they were going to be with had to be rich and that was the only requirement. Again, I understand that everyone has a right to their opinions, but to me what I heard just seems shallow. Isn’t there more to life?

Yes, I may be judgemental about this, but these instances left me disgusted. In one way, at least they know what they need out of life and aren’t afraid to express it. In another way, I wish they didn’t feel the need to share this information with me. Meeting people like this really enforces the need for me to surround myself with positive people that seek meaningful interactions with other humans. At least this experience has provided more insight into my mind, regarding why spending time at home and not around people always seems like the better option.


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