Looking back 2015 was a pretty calm year for me. Calm is definitely a change for me. For the first time years my anxiety has been in check. I can go through a day and not be plagued by a constant flow of worries.

It was also a year of taking classes and learning new things, which I know will carry on into 2016. It has been rewarding to take the time to focus on topics that I have wanted to look into for years, but never set aside the time to do so. Setting aside the time is something that I am going to make a habit of in future years.

2015 also was the year of traveling a bit more. I feel very fortunate that we experienced going on a Caribbean cruise. We also got a chance to stay in a cabin in the Rocky Mountains this past September. It was beautiful and very relaxing.

Most of all I am thankful for a supportive husband that is always by my side through all of the crazy that can happen in my life. Though it may be a little less crazy as time goes by, it will definitely never be boring. Without him life just wouldn’t be as fun.

Onward to 2016.



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