A Message to my Friends

To all my friends that I keep in touch with I am truly grateful, even if it may not be every day. Over the past few years your support has carried me forward into to areas that may not have been discovered. For those of you who have stayed by my side, even though hiding in my cave was the only way for me to cope, thank you for waiting for me to emerge.

To my friends that live far away, why can’t you live closer?

To all those friends that no longer feel as though they are part of my life, it is understandable. Even though it may have hurt, that was never the intent, and I make no apologies for taking the time needed to heal myself. My journey towards healing was a solitary one. It needed to be walked alone. It was one that did not require an explanation.

To all my friends that no longer walk in the physical realm. I am sorry I never got the chance to say goodbye. There are times when I think of things to tell you, but then realize there will not be the chance to tell you. Thank you for being part of my life and carrying me through some rough times. You are my family and you are missed. Thanks to you, I now am learning to not take things for granted. Life is short and we never know when it will end. Your light is shining on somewhere and hopefully it is wreaking havoc or at least causing mischief.

To all my friends past and present, thank you for being part of my journey even if we may no longer be on the same path.



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