Little Things and a Pet Rock

It is funny how the little things in life can be so big, as they invoke memories. How often do we come across a forgotten memento hidden in the back of a drawer or in a dark corner of a closet? Were they meant to be forgotten? Probably not, after all we lead busy lives and things become buried.

I discovered one of those little things the other day while organizing my desk. In one of the drawers I found my pet rock. Yes, you heard me straight, my pet rock. It may seem silly, but this rock has survived many moves over the last thirty plus years. I have no recollection of packing it, but it seemed to have found a way into my desk.

Seeing my pet rock again brought back a happy memory for me. It was given to me by my Godfather, now that he is no longer around the memory is extra-special. When I was around five or six, my Godfather gave me the rock and it was the most fascinating thing to me at that time. It was the simplest gift but it meant a  great deal to me then and still means so much to me now.

My pet rock is no longer hidden in the dark recess of a drawer. It is out on my desk in all its goofy goodness.  It sits on my desk because it makes me smile and remember.



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