Goodbye 2016! Thanks for the life experience.

2016, what a year.  Not one that needs repeating, that’s for sure.  It was a great year for learning experiences.  Lost a job, then had to cancel a trip that had been in the works for over a year.  Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. We also have one less cat now.  Not a fun time.  Lots of people I have talked to feel the same about 2016 –  it was a rough year.

In all its roughness, there isn’t a thing I would change about the year.  There was a chance to have a few months to myself during my time between jobs.  That time allowed for reflection and most of all a time for my mind to relax.

The experienced I gained was the proof to myself that strength is one of my strong suits.  People have told me over the years that I am strong or that they admire my strength to move through life.  To me that was something I never saw in myself until 2016.  Many times over the course of 2016 I found myself calling upon my inner strength to push forward.  Somehow my strength answered.

Through my strength I found the ability to make tough decisions.  I learned to face the unknown through my decisions.  Instead of thinking of every possible outcome before I made a decision, I followed my intuition.  Thankfully it didn’t lead me astray.  Through theses decisions, the part of the control freak that needed to control every outcome lessened.  I learned to let things fall where they may, while still taking steps to move forward.  I learned to live, letting go of control.


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