Arriving in Amsterdam

Finished off the first day of vacation in Amsterdam.  The journey to Amsterdam was partially interesting and partially tiring.  On the first flight of the day a very entertaining woman sat next to me on the plane.  It is amazing what a stranger will share with you.  She provided me with insight on what it was like for her to grow older.  Parts of her stories were sad, others profound, and the rest just plain funny.  It is amazing what people go through in life and still are able to have a sense of humour.
The second flight was nothing spectacular.  Lack of sleep on the plane made Friday a very long day once we arrived in Amsterdam.  A couple of travel tips to note for next time – stick with the idea of taking the train into Amsterdam instead of taking a cab and stay in the rooms you can book at the airport for a few hours if it is too early to check in at the hotel.

The hotel we are staying at is off the beaten path and is very quite.  No complaints with the hotel room, restaurant, or staff.  All have been wonderful so far.

All the people we have met in Amsterdam have been friendly.  The city itself is overwhelming as it has such a diverse group of people coming together to enjoy what the city has to offer.  In fact, we met a couple of interesting gentleman from England at one location.  I think they may have sampled a bit too much of the herbal medicine that Amsterdam has to offer.

Up next is a tour of the red light district and hopefully a bit more site seeing, including actually taking pictures.  Would like to get a canal tour in before we leave for the next leg of vacation – Norway.


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