Farewell 2017

What can I say about 2017, well for starters it began in a pretty rough way.  A close friend of mine passed away early in the year which left an empty space in my life.  The following months after his passing were pretty rough. I found myself worrying that I would lose people unexpectedly and had lots of anxiety surrounding that.  After that I found myself not wanting to become close with anyone, so some of my friendships suffered and I was hesitant to meet new people.  Over the year I found myself able to come out of my safety bubble and get out more.  It is still hard at times, but things are getting better.

2017 did improve towards the middle of the year.  There was a trip to Norway that was amazing and then the decision to go on a trip to Japan on 2018.  There was lots of personal growth that occurred and I am grateful to have had the chance to experience it.  There was also a visit with my Mom that was great, it is always nice to have family visit.

I don’t think I have could have stayed as sane as I did this year without the support of my husband.  He has been amazing  this year (he has been amazing every year, but this year especially).  I definitely know we  became closer this year and I am very grateful for that.

All that is left to say is goodbye 2017 and hello 2018.  Here is to 2018 being the most positive and great year yet. 


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