Japan – Day 2

I am completely obsessed with vending machines. Whenever I walk by one I am compelled to look and see what is in it. The best is the hot or cold coffee that you can purchase. Not to mention the machines that have beer are handy at times.

Most of the morning was spent wandering around the Ikebukuro Station area. Booked all my seats on the Shinkansen for my entire trip, can’t believe I am actually being productive while I am on vacation. In addition, I picked up a Suica card, which I am already a fan of after using it for one day. You can use the card to pay for the subway without having to look for change, but the best feature is being able to use it at restaurants and stores.

During my wandering I ended up finding a Daiso which beats any other dollar store I have seen, hands down. The highlight of my purchase was the Hello Kitty makeup remover wipes.

For lunch I went to CoCo Curry which I found by accident. There are a variety of options to choose. If you like Japanese curry or are interested in trying it, definitely check it out.

After lunch I realized it was a bit too humid for me, plus my jetlag was kicking in again, I decided to go back to the ryokan.

My evening event was going to 7-11. I picked up dinner which was shrimp and rice, so tasty. The bonus is they warm it up right at the store for you, so at least you don’t have to have a microwave at your hotel. I also picked up onagiri for a snack, it was also tasty.

Tomorrow I am headed to Fukuoka, which I am excited about since I have never been there. There are a couple of tours that I have planned while I am there, a tour on the history of Shintoism and then a food tour. Should be interesting and yummy.


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