Fukuoka – Day 1

My morning was crazy. Ended up being on the Tokyo subway line for the tail end of rush hour. I recommend never doing that. In fact, I got off at the first stop and waited for at least three trains to go by before I scoped out one that looked like there was room. After that I made the trek from Tokyo to Fukuoka on the Shinkansen it took a little over five hours and involved a train switch. Luckily I consider the train ride sightseeing, so I thought it was a good trip. I got a chance to see the countryside. For lunch I tried the bento on the train, it was good and filling. Definitely well presented.

When I arrived in Fukuoka the woman whose apartment I am staying in (through Airbnb), met me at the station and walked me to the apartment. It is kind of a nice change from the ryokan I stayed at in Tokyo, I don’t have to share any of the space and it should be quieter.

I decided to stay in this evening instead of wandering about, especially since it is raining out. Tomorrow I have a Shintoism tour booked in the morning, should be interesting. Then I think I am going to try and find some eel, there is a restaurant close by that specializes in it. The 22nd I have two tours booked a walking tour and a food tour.

It is nice to have down time tonight. Going to read and the catch up on some much needed sleep.


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