Hiroshima – Day 2

Yesterday was my second day in Hiroshima. It was another good day in Japan. As has been the routine here, I went on a walking tour. I highly recommend walking tours and if possible take the tours on the first day you are in a city, unlike me who seems to wait until the last day I am in a city.

Yesterday’s tour was lots of fun. Once again I was lucky to be the only one on the tour, especially since it is beginning to get busier due to spring break and cherry blossom season. The cherry blossoms are just beginning to bloom here.

The first stop was Shukkeien Garden which is a very beautiful garden. The garden represents a miniature version of Japan. There are seven islands in the park, five in the shape of turtles and two in the shape of cranes. They represent the islands of Japan. The water in the park represents the ocean. There are also trees in the park that survived the atomic bomb, as well as a bridge. The tree in my photo is facing that direction due to the vacuum caused from the bomb. The rest of the photos are scenes from the garden and the bridge that survived the blast.

After the park we went to Hiroshima castle, which was rebuilt after the bomb destroyed the original castle. Definitely recommended for anyone who is interested in Japanese history.

After the castle we went to an okonomiyaki restaurant and Kumiko was kind enough to eat okonomiyaki with me even though she had it the day before. Okonomiyaki is one of the food specialties of Hiroshima.

After eating lunch we traveled 40 minutes away from Hiroshima to go to a sake brewery, Kamotsuru. It was very interesting and informative. I now know how sake is brewed.

Another great trip to Hiroshima.


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