Time for a new chapter

My best friend growing up could probably tell you that I often said that I was going to move out west to live near the mountains.  It was one of those childhood dreams for me.  A little over 19 years ago I made a move west and the mountains are only three hours away.  For a time that was the closest that I thought I would be to the Rockies.

It may not seem like much, moving closer to the mountains.  To me it means so much. Nature is where I feel at home and mountains mean so much to me.  Upon first seeing the mountains in Jasper, Alberta, my breath was taken away.  It was truly awe inspiring.  They reminded me how powerful the Earth is and helped me to realized that my problems were small.  In a way they healed me and continue to do so whenever I get a chance to visit them.

Growing older it isn’t only the mountains that pull me to them, it is now the ocean as well. There is something freeing and a little terrifying about being on the open water.  It is beautiful in its power. The life held within the ocean is something to be treasured.  It holds mystery and myths below its surface, influencing creativity.

Next up are the forests, true peace.  Growing up there was always a chance to wander through the forest by myself.  Forests have always been a place of reflection for me ever since I can remember.  Sitting by trees or in trees makes me feel secure and safe.  The wind rustling leaves is my favorite song, when I was a child I was positive this was how trees talked to one another.

Previously having all three things near the place I lived seemed like a dream.  It was one of those things that was always “when I retire” or “when I have enough money” then I will move.  That isn’t the case now, my husband and I have decided that we needed to move sooner. Within a short period of time, around two months, we decided that our physical and mental health were worth the move.

It only makes sense doesn’t it, moving from the place that is draining energy from you, to the place that you know will heal you.  It seems like a natural step to take.  Some may view it as a small thing, a move of this type.  To me it is a dream come true.  Being able to walk through old growth forests, seeing seals pop their head above water as you drive by on a boat, seeing otters play and watching the whale migrations – those are just a few things, besides my peace of mind, that make it worth it.



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