Some weekends I seem to have nothing to do, while other weekends I seem to have a line-up of plans. This weekend happens to be one of those weekends where it went from nothing planned to being busy every single day, in a matter of hours. I always get into a dilemma with myself about whether I planned too much or not. I sometimes worry that I am over obligated and I become upset with myself for saying yes to everyone. In some cases, I am the one who does the asking to hang out even and then I wonder why I asked.

The cool thing about this weekend is even though I am pretty busy, I am spending the time with people who I either never have hung out with before or who I haven’t spent time with in months. The same already looks that way for next weekend. It is hard to believe I am planning my time already for next weekend. I think I am going to have to allow one day next weekend for just sitting around and doing nothing, which is what I planned on doing this weekend, but it failed.


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