Productive Day

I am not sure if it is the change in mindset or the fact that I started an awesome course today ( I have a feeling it is more of the mindset), I feel like I have been very productive. On top of being productive, I also feel great. Today was the first day of my course. I am pretty excited about it because I was drawn to it. So many courses are overpriced or just don’t inspire me. I was still a little skeptical about an online course because what I had in my mind was the typical online university course that never really captures a sense of community and is impersonal. I felt much better after today’s assignment because there was an actual video of the woman who runs the class and she was talking to us about what the first week’s goal. During the video-cast I wondered if it was the same video for all of the sessions or if it is an involving work and it is different each time. I figured since she said “Happy Halloween” at the end it must have been a recent recording.

The discussion board already has some posts on it which is very cool. I have actually written two posts on it already, which is unusual for me since I mainly like reading posts not responding. I think I am self-conscious about what I have to say. I am working on saying how I feel. I think saying how I feel and what I think is probably easier with a bunch of strangers since I really am not invested in any sort of relationship with them. So the course discussion board is really a safe place to write my thoughts, as well as a great way for me to practice sharing my thoughts with complete strangers. My hope is to enhance this skill so that I can share my blog with more people.

The assignment today was an exercise that we will be doing everyday. Basically write in our journals about whatever we want and then set aside a page each day for our to-do list. I got up at 5:30 this morning so I would have time to write. I know it sounds crazy and I can’t even believe I did it, but I did. I found writing that early a little difficult since I was not fully awake. Once I got writing I found that it helped wake me up more by increasing my brain activity. It is kind of a nice way to spend the morning before work – writing in a quiet room with a cup of coffee.

Now on to the productive part of my day. I used the to-do list page in my journal and I completed all my to-do items. I am thrilled about this because some of the items have been on the list for a couple of weeks. I feel much more organized right now. I believe I discovered this course at the exact time I was meant to discover it.

Other random news for the week – I joined a knitting group! My first meeting with them is on Wednesday. Basically going to a coffee shop to drink coffee and knit. It sounds like a nice evening. The woman who runs the group seems to be friendly, so I am not too nervous about going. I mean seriously, it is a bunch of women who knit. Not sure what I have to worry about, maybe them poking me with their needles.

Besides the course and knitting, there is running and relaxing. Not sure when the relaxing will happen but writing is relaxing for me and so is knitting. So really the only strenuous activity I will be doing this week is running.

Happy Halloween.


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