The Reality of Things

I remember the first time that I saw the Mississippi River. It was on a solo road trip that I took to California. It made me tear up because of its history, actually seeing the river that I read about and heard the history of its life. It was a case of history coming to life. I got another chance to experience that same feeling today. I saw New York City for the first time today, at least from an airplane. This city holds a more personal history for me. Part of my family landed in New York when they immigrated to America. It was pretty awesome for me to see the city that played a large part in my ancestral history.

Other cool things that I experienced today – I heard a waiter giving a new hire he was training tips on how to change his personality to fit the customer. I thought this was neat because after hearing him say that, I started paying attention to his interactions with people. He truly did do this. I find human behaviour very interesting. The final thing that I experienced today was a great Reuben sandwich. 🙂


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