Talking about the Japan Trip

You know a vacation was really awesome when almost a year after the fact you still are talking about all the cool stuff that happened. It seems like whenever I get together with my friends I went to Japan with we always seem to talk about the trip to Japan.

I have to wonder if everyone else that is there with us gets bored with us telling the same stories. But the stories never fail to make me laugh. It really goes to show that it was a great trip. There are so many awesome memories from Japan – roaming around for hours trying to find a curry restaurant, karaoke, the dangers of small hotel rooms, waking up in Japan the first day and realizing I was in Japan, meeting my friend’s parents, meeting my Japanese friends for the first time in person and so many more things.

It was truly amazing. There are so many memories from Japan, both big and small events. It is nice trying to remember every detail and it is even better when I am able to get together with the people from the trip. Memories are awesome, seeing what each person remembers is fun and it adds more to the complete picture.


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