The first of May and more positive things to say

Yes, the title is lame but I couldn’t resist.

Today has been a good day for me which is a nice feeling after many weeks of not feeling so great. I believe a large part of this new goodness in my life has to do with the fact that I have been exercising on a regular basis. It has always been hard for me to stick with an exercise program or class. It seems as though I finally have found something I actually enjoy doing though which makes me happy.

I started running in February of this year at the gym, basically doing interval training. I became more focused in March after starting a running program.  Today I beat a personal best time by running 25 minutes straight.

When I first thought about starting to run I thought it would be painful and not enjoyable but something that I had to do to keep fit. I found over time that I was looking forward to my runs and that if I missed a day I was not happy. I find that running helps me to spend negative energy as well as focus more on myself. I find that when my heart rate improves or that I push myself that little extra to make my goal for the day, I have a sense of gratification. I am doing something that isn’t part of a team or a group. I wasn’t talked into doing this by anyone. I am doing this for me. For my health, both mentally and physically.


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