Where do you find your treasure at in life?

X Marks the Spot

Treasure, riches, what comes to mind when you think of these two words? For a majority of people I believe material wealth and gain come to mind. What about spiritual wealth from believing in something larger than yourself, mental treasure from new ideas or the emotional riches that come from surrounding yourself with the people you care about? These things, I believe, are what true treasure really is about.

Ever since I was a teenager I have believed everyone in the world is connected in some way or another. We are connected to the people we know and we are also connected to everyone else in the world that we do not know. We are connected to this planet as well. On top of that and what I think is really amazing, is we are also connected to a bigger spiritual energy than ourselves. In this idea alone, comes peace, knowing that we are truly never alone and we are always connected with someone or something.

Our brain. This is one of the greatest things that humans possess. Too often it is not used as it should be used. The power of thought and new ideas is amazing. Positive thought is something that the entire human race should engage in, it can do amazing things. Even if the positive thoughts are just for yourself it is still powerful. On the individual level the power of positive thought can do amazing things, for example – boost self-esteem, lessen doubt and increase reaching goals. Imagine what could be done if humans started working collectively towards positive thought.

Finally, taking the time to surround yourself with the peopleĀ  you care about. Making the time to go out for coffee with that person that you keep thinking about but haven’t called in months because of time. Time keeps moving regardless of what we do, so taking the time to start involving the people you care about in your life really matters. Allowing people in your life that support you and encourage you creates relationships that are healthy. Even if it is just a select few people you are close to, it doesn’t matter. One of the hardest things to do is actually reach out and allow that sense of closeness. When closeness does happen it is a wonderful thing and truly one of life’s treasures.

These are the things that I believe make up the greatest treasures in the world. Just like being on a treasure hunt, you never know where you may find some of these things and others you may be surprised to find are already within yourself.


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