One of many paths to take

I have found myself, over the years, taking pictures of pathways. All kinds of pathways, but the majority of them are in forests. I have so many pictures of various paths and the pictures are a reflection of life. In life we have so many paths to choose. When we choose a path, sometimes the destination is known. Other times we may have a hint of what is at the end. Then there are the times we have no clue where we will end up or what is waiting for us but we still move forward. The various paths I have been on in my life have been similar to walks through a forest. A path filled with security like walking through a forest that is surrounded by trees and you know there is no danger lurking in the forest. Also there have been journeys left incomplete, when the uncertainty of what lies ahead is just too much and I turn around out of fear. There have been paths filled with darkness, like the twilight closing in on the forest and unknown shadows are cast all around me. I have also experienced many paths filled with light and serenity, like walking through a forest on a sunny day and hearing the wind rustle the tree leaves. I have seen many paths in my life and I am sure to see many more, some pathways may seem similar but I have yet to see two paths that are identical.


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