Change seems to happen all at once sometimes. It is almost as thought the Universe presses the pause button and then remembers you were on hold for too long so it speeds things up.

There is quite a bit of change going on in my life right now. It is crazy and scary as hell, but I think there are some good things coming out of it. I really think it has helped me remember that I am perfectly capable of functioning on my own and doing things on my own. While it is true it is nice to have people to do things with or help out, sometimes you have to do things yourself.

I have also learned that it is okay sometimes to have a day were you do feel sad and wallow, but then you get over it and move on. What is the point of wallowing for too long. It doesn’t accomplish anything except a high volume of tissues and plugged sinuses from crying too much, just not worth it. 🙂 Feeling isn’t pretty all the time, but it is very human.

When I think to myself “I am a mess”. I remember what someone said to me once when I said that, they replied – “You are a beautiful mess.” Sometimes I think that describes the human experience. There is beauty in feeling and in chaos.


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