Fear of Writing

One of the things that truly causes some apprehension is the idea of capturing my life story in writing. There are certain parts of my life that are calling to be captured. The stories have been jumping around in my brain for years now, it is just sitting down and making the stories visual that causes some fear. The biggest fear is around how family or friends would view the work.The secondary fear is how random strangers may view it, but there is always judgement no matter what one does. On some subconscious level there may be some hesitation on making parts of my past concrete and reliving events as they fall onto the page.

Perhaps making a fictional story based on some truth would be best. Going that route would definitely be better then never getting the words out in the open. Although, upon thinking about the idea of creating a work of fiction, it makes me feel as though it would be missing something. In one regard it is great to keep people guessing, but in another regard it is a bit anxiety causing to think that someone may view a true event as a work of fiction. It is the need to be honest that causes a bit of fear around creating a work of fiction.

It is guaranteed that a number of reasons to fearful of writing will start to rear their ugly heads. A number of excuses for not capturing what is calling to be freed.


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