Kittens always make the world a little brighter

I think one of the greatest mood lifters is looking up pictures and videos of kittens on the internet.  There is just something about those tiny little balls of fur that always make me smile. Kittens seem to be able to fall asleep anywhere. Plus they are so adventuresome. I find it adorable when they run around like crazy or the first time they see themselves in a mirror and freak out. The best is when they are trying to look intimidating and they arch their backs while puffing out their tail. A little one pound or less ball of fur looks more cute than intimidating in this posture.

One blog that I really enjoy reading is The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee. It is written by a woman in Washington who takes in foster kittens and raises them until they are old enough to adopt. I have been visiting this site for well over five years and there are many cute photos, plus videos. Not to mention some of her stories about the kittens are very heartwarming.

While kittens are cute and cheer me up, my own two cats are just as cute (at times). Right now they are sitting next to me on the couch and I have the pleasure of listening to one of them snoring while the other makes little grunting noises if I make too much noise which disturbs his sleep.

For other random cute and fluffy things which aren’t necessarily kittens, I like going to Cute Overload. It is funny how cute fuzzy things have a way of cheering me up.


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