I have a couple of different topics that I want to write about but I don’t want to put them into two separate posts. So here goes, my random topics for tonight are – popcorn and running!  Not together, because eating popcorn while running seems a little dangerous.

First off, I love popcorn. Whenever I go grocery shopping it is always on my list, well the list in my head because I always seem to misplace the list I write down. It never fails, I always forget to buy popcorn. Last week was torture though. I went grocery shopping on Thursday and forgot to buy popcorn which is what I was really craving. Realizing that I didn’t have any popcorn I thought it wasn’t meant to be and I settled down for a popcorn free night. Then, to my dismay, I smelled popcorn. It seemed as though my neighbor had the same idea. So of course my craving for popcorn increased and I ended up making an emergency popcorn run on Sunday.

As for running, well I went to the gym today planning to run thirty minutes. I was running along and thirty minutes came and went. I wondered why my music didn’t chime to let me know to start my cool down. Of course I thought my timing was just off, but I guess I was listening to the wrong week. I ended up running 33 minutes instead of 30, which is a good improvement. It definitely wasn’t planned, but I am happy I have improved.



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