Things Happen As They Should

I sat down determined to write an entry this evening in my blog, but of course I got distracted. Since I wasn’t 100% sure what to write I decided to check my email. There was an email there from a woman I worked with at my previous job. She left the same week that I left. The path she chose for the next phase of her life is much different from mine. She decided to leave Edmonton completely with what savings she had and go to Thailand, while waiting to go to Korea to teach English. From what I have heard Thailand is a very cheap place to live and she plans to stay there for quite some time, last time we spoke she said she wanted to stay there for six years. I have quite a bit of admiration for her as that will be a life changing experience for her, a pretty cool one at that, I think. It makes me wonder how some people can do that. I understand the no attachment to anything that allows a person to up and leave to follow their calling or at least see if that is their calling. What causes a person to be that way though? I really wonder.  It really shows that when  some people get an idea they really can run with it and what may seem like obstacles to reaching their goal, aren’t really obstacles –  they are items to cross off a “to do” list. Her example brings home the fact that the only limitations we have on ourselves are placed there by only one person – ourself.

By checking my email prior to blogging, I was able to find a topic to write about and find some inspiration to reach my own dreams. In the end things happen in the order that they should and exactly as they should.


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