Bras – Warning labels required or just acrobatic skills?

Over the last few weeks the common thought running through my mind is the acrobatic skill involed with putting on a bra. Now some people aren’t graced with having long arms, personally I have been blessed to fall in that demographic. In addition to my T-rex arms, throw in a shoulder injury and there is the prefect mix for bras being a challenge to put on. It seems that baseball, weightlifting and putting on bras may be the main factors in rotator cuff injuries. Perhaps warning labels are required?

From asking my fiance to help me put on my bra (which I am sure is heartbreaking for him) to ensuring that I am wearing the easiest bra to put on when I go to appointments, it is just silly. Putting a bra on should be easy, but lately it seems the art of putting on a bra feels more like being a chicken with its wings tied behind its back. The angle is never right and some magical movement is involved. This movement includes practically throwing my shoulder out to get it hooked up. God forbid, I want to put the hooks on the second or third row in, that is asking for a mircale or maybe just the ability to be double jointed.

Yes, there are bras that close in the front that would make things much easier, but are they as pretty? The search begins soon. Either that or it is developing some kind for fancy device to do it for me. Is there a robot that does it yet?


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